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Audit, Assurance and Accounting continue to be our core business. Our scope in auditing and accounting assignments has however expanded. In every assignment we go a step further than the normal statutory requirement of expressing an opinion on the “truth and fairness” of financial statements by providing advise that emphasizes on enhancing the performance of your business. Our range of services in this area includes:

  • Statutory and compliance audit;
  • Performance or value for money audit;
  • Review and implementation of accounting systems and internal control structures;
  • Procurement review (audit) of public entities;
  • Special audits and investigations;
  • Review and implementation of internal audit functions, including outsourcing;
  • Physical inventory of fixed assets and stocks;
  • Review and implementation of Management Information Systems (MIS); and
  • Provision of accounting assistance at peak periods.

Tax legislation and administration has become increasingly complex and the same is usually subject to regular and sometimes dynamic changes that pose a lot of challenges to business. Our tax advisors provide a wide range of compliance and tax advisory services.

The services we offer include:

  • Tax planning
  • Preparation and submission of self-assessment returns for corporations and individuals;
  • Advice on PAYE;
  • Pay and benefits planning;
  • VAT audit;
  • Advice on Customs Duty and other indirect taxes;
  • Registration with Kenya Revenue Authority; and
  • Advice on queries and assessments raised on client’s return by Kenya Revenue Authority.

Business Advisory

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But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing.At MO & Co, we cherish the strong belief that innovation is the nerve-centre of all creativity and that only those organizations that adapt rapidly to the ever changing business environment can withstand the test of time and succeed. We share our vision, mission strategic objectives and stimulate innovation both within our staff and among our client’s teams. Our management advisory services include:

Strategic Management; Change Management; Organizational Development; Profit Planning and Management; Financial diagnosis; Analysis and advice on key accounting ratios; Value adding analysis; Analysis of redundancies and inefficiencies; Pricing strategies; Market research; Cost reduction strategies; Purchasing and stocking strategies; and Strategic and enterprise risk management

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Investment Advisory

We offer a wide range of specialized investment advisory services. The services we offer include: Share Register maintenance and dividend processing; Risk assessment; Portfolio investment advice; Pension planning; Medical Scheme administration; Custodial services to Retirement Benefit Schemes; Stock Exchange market analysis; Advice on viable investment opportunities to both locals and foreigners; Institutional and foreign investors search; and Advice on emerging regional markets

Hospitality Advisory

Tourism is a major foreign exchange earner in the country, after agriculture. The sector is equally of significant importance to both Tanzania and Uganda. This is therefore one of the key sectors that we are very keen on. Currently we offer the following services: Feasibility studies and business planning for proposed new projects; Review of operations of tourism-based organizations; Systems review, design and implementation; Valuation of hotels and tourist resorts as going concerns; Due diligence; Advice on viable investment opportunities; Arrangements for equity participation and joint-ventures between local and foreign investors; Tour Agency Operations; and Monitoring and advising on trends in global tourism

The range of services we offer in this area includes: Complete finance/accounting; Internal audit; Tax compliance; Information technology solution; Applications process; Procurement; and Human resources.