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Public Finance Management


Local Government accounting and information management is one of our niche markets. Our experts provide a wide range of services to the Government, Donor organizations and individual Local Authorities (LAs) mainly in financial management, restructuring and strategic management.

The services we offer include:

  • Auditing on behalf of the Controller and Auditor- General (CAG);
  • Preparation of Annual Abstract of Accounts;
  • Reviewing and ensuring effective operations of internal audit functions;
  • Setting-up and staffing of internal audit units;
  • Development and implementation of simplified accounting systems for Local Authorities;
  • Review, design and implementation of computerized accounting systems in LAs;
  • Preparations of accounting systems and audit procedures manuals;
  • Assistance with realistic budget preparation;
  • Assistance with identification, appraisal and implementation of financial feeder systems; and
  • Community asset inventory and valuation.